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Innovative Dental Office in Kahala, Honolulu

Ever since our founding in 1989, Dr. Paul Tanaka has been committed to offering exceptional, comprehensive dental care to our patients. Whether you want to replace teeth, enhance your aesthetic, or simply protect the health of your smile, we have the skill, experience, and dedication to help.

When you visit our office, you can expect to receive high-quality dental care tailored to you and your goals, all in a fun and welcoming environment. Make an appointment today to experience great dental care firsthand!


Preventive Care Protects Your Smile

Dr. Tanaka’s highest priority is helping you enjoy your natural smile as long as possible. Our prevention services focus on closely monitoring your oral health and addressing concerns before they can become bigger problems.

Your six-month dental exams and cleanings are an important part of this process. These visits allow the dentist to check your teeth for potential health issues, like tooth decay, gingivitis, or worn down teeth. Cleanings help to remove hardened tartar that normal brushing can’t handle, reducing your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry for Dazzling Smiles

Feeling good about your smile is a proven way to boost your confidence and improve the impression you leave on others. With cosmetic dentistry, you can address any aesthetic issues you’re unhappy with, from a chipped tooth to enamel staining. We provide a multitude of cosmetic options that can all be tailored to you and your unique cosmetic goals.

Quality Restorations to Repair Your Smile

We can restore any number of dental health issues thanks to our innovative restorative dental services. We rely on cutting edge technology to provide you with personalized restorations. From one-appointment crowns made directly in our office to complete tooth replacement using navigated, precision-placed dental implants, you’ll find it all here in our Honolulu office.

Helping You Care for Your Smile

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We know that most of your dental care takes place at home with your daily hygiene routine. As your partners in your dental health, we want to help you make the best possible choices for your oral health.

Dr. Tanaka takes the time to educate you on good health habits and what you can do to protect your smile from day to day. Even simple changes can make a big difference in your oral health and help ensure a lifetime of smiles.

Your Oral Health is Our Passion

What we love most about dentistry is helping people smile through effective treatment, gentle care, and a positive approach. Discover a dental office you’ll be happy to call your new dental home! Schedule your visit to our practice today!